Nothing to write home about really.

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Here's the Plan
Birthday plans.

Sat 18th: I'm having some friends in from work around 2pm to hang out and play Rockband and I'll be ordering a party sub of some sort. any locals who can't make Sunday evening's dinner, or just want to come are welcome.

Sun 19th: 6:30pm dinner at Perazelli's (anyone know if I would have to make reservation here?) then cake and ice cream back a my place. with a horror movie or two and a few games of last 'night on earth.'

Mon 20th: usual Monday night wrestling hang out.

Tue 21st: evening out to dinner at the Pizza Shoppe with family with cake and ice cream again to follow back at my place.

How's this sound to everyone? need to adjust times or anything?

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I'll get back to you. I won't know what next weekend looks like for me until I go to work tomorrow.

Works for me. Going to tell the sunday night online ppl I won't be there so I can stay over late.

Is good. We're on for Sunday. You can make reservations at Perazelli's by calling. I think sunday night is pasta buffet or all you can eat or something.

I'll be able to do next weekend. I have to work 9-3 on sunday.

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