Nothing to write home about really.

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Birthday plans
So far looks like the plan is Bo Lings and Bowlings.

Saturday, Oct. 24th. looks like the closest Bo Lings with a near Bowlings place would be the Olathe South Bo Lings and Incredebowl.


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I've requested that day off so I can do stuff. Was Bo Lings and Bowlings a Dennis idea? It sounds like one. XD

I'm kind of guilty for that one. But I blame my proximity to Dennis at the time! HE INFECTED MAH BRAINMEAT!

Oh god, we're going to have to quarantine your brain meats just to make certain that the infection spreads no further. >_>;;

Mash mishka da.
Gibri dosha maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *big manic smile*

AUGH! Save me! Dennis zombie a bite me! XD

Maybe my brain could be used as a cure for Zombies. They get infected with my brain happens!

On side note, as I said last night during our jam session R.B. I'm good with this. I'll just want to know times, and I can be one of the drivers as this would be best to be a carpool thing.

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